Shannyn Higgins

Shannyn Higgins is a photographer based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. 

Her versatile and adaptive style has her work span across portraiture, lifestyle and travel photography.  0475 777 533

Side projects

Duality is an international project that brings together writers and visual artists to explore their narrative through words, artwork and photography. 

This art experiment pairs 25 artists with the anonymous words of 25 writers – removing any trace of context, identity or origin from the writers' words, leaving the artist to interpret and respond blindly. The pairings, words and art are kept secret from all involved and the public until opening night, resulting in a truly unique interactive exhibition experience. 

To complement the project, Shannyn photographed and filmed each of the 50 creatives in their workspaces for a candid behind-the-scenes portrait series. 

Shannyn is the creator and director of Duality and to date, she has created three exhibitions, three books and photographed 150 artists and writers across Vancouver and Melbourne. 

Press and Podcast links below. 

-  'I woke up like this' is a photography series that explores the idiosyncratic behaviours around sleep and how we interact with our bedrooms. Being such a private / intimate space, this work sets out to capture people from all ages in a candid and genuine way. 

 Shannyn also photographs weddings - you can check out her portfolio here