Shannyn Higgins is a photographer based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Her versatile and adaptive style has her work span across portraiture, lifestyle and travel photography. 

Hailing from the remote and beautiful Kimberley's in Western Australia and having a nomadic childhood sparked Shannyn's passion for travel at an early age. With a one way ticket to Europe at 19, she spent the next ten years tour guiding and crewing boats around the world.  

It was while living in Vancouver, Canada, that Shannyn decided to pursue her professional photography career and now works with clients all over the world. Her years spent at sea and need to be near water is a frequent theme to her work, and she now balances her love of exploring and storytelling through her travel and lifestyle photography. 

Side projects; 

Duality is an international project and a concept that brings together writers and visual artists to explore their narrative through words, artwork and photography. Shannyn is the creator and director of Duality and to date, she has photographed 150 artists across Vancouver and Melbourne. 

Press - 2019 exhibition 

The Age - Spectrum 


Bench Talk Podcast 

-  'i woke up like this' explores the idiosyncratic behaviours around sleep and how we interact with our bedroom space. 

Shannyn also photographs weddings - you can check out her portfolio here     |      0475 777 533      |      @shannynhiggins 


Selected Exhibitions 

  • Apparition Group Show - Melbourne - 2016 
  • Duality - No Vacancy - Melbourne - 2015 
  • Duality - East Van Studios - 2014
  • Summer Salon - Photohaus - Vancouver 2014 
  • Neighbourhood, Thisopenspace  - Vancouver 2013 
  • East Side Culture Crawl - Vancouver 2013 
  • Winter Salon - Photohaus - Vancouver 2012  
  • Exhibit B - Photohaus - Vancouver 2012