What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

I’m fairly fucking tall and with a bed that has both head and foot I can only splay out if I go diagonally. when diagonal, I spread from right to left (head towards the window, and feet towards the door) and that’s the same if someone’s sharing my bed. I’m towards the window, and they are allowed the hasty exit.

Any weird sleep habits? 

I don’t have any weird habits. But I do have to “toast” each side equally. Also, as a hot sleeper, I kick my feet out from under the covers and bunch my blankets up around my shoulders. given that, my Toasting and my Zoolander predilection to only roll clockwise: I turn into a suffocated cocoon.

Morning or night person? 

I work hospo and therefore have evolved to do without a body clock. One the one hand, I could open the cafe at five, work ten hours on my feet, finish drunk and nap for an hour, head to a gig and then a party and stay till I have to be at work again by nine. I’ll smash that shift then collapse in an emotional heap and sleep for fourteen hours if I can. Otherwise, on a normal day, I have high hopes for achievement before work but stay up late and sleep til I’m late for work.

If you could invite five people to sit on your bed with you, who what they be? 

People I know who I’d have a ball with in bed? Friends, housemates, colleagues. Alicia, Bel, Joh, Claire and Shannyn! A fantasy role-call of celebrities whose work informs my dreams and I’d love to wake up to sharing their ideas of fantasy? Tunde Adipembe, Michel Gondry, Thom Yorke, Oliver Sacks and Bjork.

What do you wear to bed? 

As a hot sleeper, I wear as little as possible. My pyjamas are more for house decorum when running to the toilet than for sleeping. Just me and my sheets and ideally someone else’s electrifying skin in-between it all.

What keeps you up at night? 

The things that keep me up at night are those around me who aren’t yet asleep, or whatever cheap sci-fi or fantasy series I’m addicted to. The third thing is worrying about life, but I find that with the first two options I don’t have to worry so much.

Favourite music to listen to in bed? 

my favourite music to listen to whilst falling asleep are dense and difficult feasts by artists that I love…
Kid A/Amnesiac
Portishead’s Third
Anything Four-Tet or Jamie XX
…things that take you to another place as you fall into dreaming.