Any weird quirks? 
I have the pillow in between my legs! I also often get into bed straight after a shower still in my towel, and then accidentally nap. 

Morning or night person? 
Not a morning person at all. It is an everyday struggle getting out of my cosy bed. My alarm is snoozed on average 6 times per morning. 

What do you wear to bed? 
Underwear and a loose t-shirt usually 

What keeps you up at night? 
All the worries of the world! I won’t have trouble getting to sleep ever, but if there is something playing on my mind I will wake up at around 4 am and won’t be able to get back to sleep. 

Favourite music to listen to in bed? 
I usually have the radio on actually. 

Do you have a fav pillow or blanket?
I love my satin sheets, but in winter, the flannelette all the way! I also have a pillow with a horse on it.