What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

Joh - Like Beyonce said “to the left to the left” 

Ben - right 

Any weird habits in bed? 

We don’t do anything too weird… Ben sleeps with his feet out to calibre temperature. Joh likes to steal the doona and shove Ben out of bed gradually by pretending to cuddle him but really shoving him out of bed. Joh is so busy tucking in her feet so monsters don’t get her. Ben has a minimum amount of back scratching needed before he can sleep, he’s a big bear. 

Morning or night person? 

Ben tends to work in with busy work schedules but I am a total night owl/will not get out of bed unless I have to. Especially now it is winter, I am in hibernation mode… I guess I am also a wee little bear. 

If you could invite 5 people to sit on your bed who would they be? 

Ha, we both made the above list and it’s all men! Tom Hardy to stare at and fight over, Noel Fielding to stroke and make us laugh, Steven Fry and David Attenborough to read us bedtime stories and apparently Keith Richards (presumably to do all the drugs with - can you publish that?!)…… Joh would swap out Keithy for Helen Mirren, she can tell me all about the world and who to tell everyone to fuck off!! (We would, of course, have you and all our mates in there with some beers!!)

What do you wear to bed? 

Ben has to wear his underwear to bed it’s weird! He needs his junk extra snuggled! Joh is either nakid as a j bird or is wearing all her clothes so I wake up in a mad sweat! 

What keeps you up at night?

Ben - Joh’s snoring. Joh - my ADD brain which runs overtime all the time (70% of the time it’s right all the time!!)…. projects, what I want to do the next day, anxious about work, anxious about the world’s problems!! Instagram! 

Fav sleeping position? 

Joh is always the big spoon! Right after back scratches, I am the snuggler - except for the afore mentioned me pushing Ben out of bed which is really me sticking my bum out to be snuggled and sticking it out more and more/chasing him to the other side of the bed until he is forced to snuggle me back! I like body to contact the whole time while Ben can’t wait for me to get out so he can star fish and snuggle his other girlfriends (the pillows) 

Fav music to listen to in bed?

We never listen to music in bed, is that weird??!! I think we spend so much time doing all the things in our house that we love, when it’s bed time we’re just there to hang with each other and get all the scratching out of the way before sleepy time! 

Do you spring out of bed or do you hit the snooze button?

I am the perpetual quintessential snoozer it drives Ben nuts! It begins every night like the one before when I set the alarm with all the good intentions of the perfect human I will be the next day (spring up, go do yoga, go for a run, cure cancer, all before breakfast) but when the alarm goes off I am like “cha, right, shut up” 

Do you have a fav pillow/ blanket/sheet?

I have all my sheets which are my favourites and Bens which I hate because they are beige! Colour and texture man!