What side of the bed do you sleep on?

The right at home.  anywhere else - the left. there is no method to this madness, it’s just the way it seems to be. 

What’s your weirdest habits in bed?

We sleep with the fan on throughout the year, and there is no way I will ever sleep in a bed that is tucked. No tucking!

What do you wear to bed? 

Generally some kind of pyjamas or clothes that are too old or daggy to be worn anywhere but in bed. 

What keeps you up at night? 

Anything and everything. Ironically, it’s mostly the fear of not falling asleep, which creates a terribly vicious cycle. 

Favourite sleeping position? 

On my left side with one leg out of the bed sheets. 

Fav music to listen to in bed? 

Brian Eno ‘Music for Airports’ has been helping me to fall asleep lately. 

Do you have a fav pillow/blanket/sheet?

Neither of the above but i have a toy minion that is better than any pillow / blanket / sheet could hope to be.