What side of the bed do you sleep on? 
- I sleep on my side but bang on in the middle of the bed! 

Any weird quirks?  
- I have to sleep with a doona, even if its 40 degrees, and not a light one, a fricken feather down! 

If you could have 5 people come for a party on your bed who would?
- Albert Einstein, David Attenborough, Bernie Sanders, Buddha and Josh. 

What keeps you awake at night? 
MDMA or neighbours having beers. 

Any fav bed time music? 
-  Atmospheric, but I really prefer silence, as a kid, I would fall asleep to Linkin Park haha 

Snooze button or straight up? 
- I’m a one snooze man. Give my self a cheeky sleep on then bang, into my day! 

Fav pillow or blanket? 
- My bed is amazing, all of it is my favourite, it has been with me for a long time!